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The Inn Reverse is a Copenhagen based Indie-rock band. The band in its current constellation came together in the summer of ‘08. We sat drinking a beer at the local ‘inn’ recapping our experiences from the past ten years of playing in other bands and this experience has been transformed into a heartfelt project filled with new ideas and energy.

We make music in the crossing between the familiar and the unknown - contemporary music with retrospective effects. The songs on our debut album, Sunset Stereo, have a nostalgic atmosphere combined with a unique feel in each song. We have taken the time to play with the smallest sounds, vocal images and moods and developing the album has taken a while - not to get the perfect sound but to find what we think is the magic of each song.

Contact: check-in (at) innreverse (dot) com

Booking: booking (at) innreverse (dot) com